Now Offering Personal Nursing Services to Meet your Individaul Needs!

In-home visits by a Registered Nurse

Care Coordination and Navigation

Transition from Hospital to Home

Skilled Nursing (wound care, IV management, etc)

End-of-Life Care in Conjunction with Hospice

Medication Management

Transportation and Attendance to Medical Appointments

Patient Advocacy

Check-in Phone Calls

Virtual  Services

Choosing a healthcare professional to care for you or your loved one is difficult. We all want experienced, competent care delivered with kindness and understanding. As a client of CALM, you will receive the exceptional care and strong advocacy I would want for my own parents.

Founder ~ Suzanne Lenhard RN, BSN


Community Accessible, Licensed, and Mobile 

Navigating our complex healthcare system can be confusing and overwhelming for anyone. As we age, it becomes even more challenging, especially when you have multiple physicians and medications. Another difficulty rises from the lack of healthcare resources and long wait times for appointments. Having a knowledgeable, professional Registered Nurse care for you, be your advocate, and guide your healthcare journey will provide you with the support needed to remain independent in the home you love. CALM's individual services and membership packages are designed to provide the perfect amount of support to fit your individual needs. 

CALM's Services Include :

In-home Skilled Care by an RN for those who need longer or additional care than a home-health company provides. A few examples of skilled care are wound care, drainage care, central line/IV management, and medication infusions.  

Care Coordination and Navigation will not only help you understand the why behind your physician-suggested care, but will also ensure all physicians and other health providers are on the same page. Our current healthcare system severely lacks communication between providers which can lead to detrimental effects. Care navigation is guiding your healthcare journey by recognizing needs and connecting with the proper resources you need.

Transitioning from Hospital to Home provides care and assistance when being discharged from the hospital. An RN will meet you at the hospital, collaborate with your care team, gather all of your discharge instructions,  and then drive you safely home. Once home, your nurse will provide any post-hospitalization needs, including medication reconciliation and future care coordination.  Your nurse will stay with you until you are safe and resting comfortably. 

End-of-Life Care in Conjunction with Hospice gives compassionate care and extra nursing support to clients and families during an extremely difficult time. From administering medications to emotional support and everything in between, CALM with ensure your loved one is comfortable and peaceful and you have the additional support you need. 

Transportation and Attendance to Medical Appointments provide a second set of eyes and ears at medical appointments and procedures. With your permission, important information that may have been forgotten will be relayed to the provider. After the appointment, everything will be explained to ensure your understanding of your care. Attendance during procedures includes staying with you or on-site during the procedure, remaining with you after the procedure until you are safe to be alone, and explaining and providing any post-procedure instructions.  

Medication Management Services provides all aspects of managing medications. Coordinating with physicians, ensuring medications are effective and appropriate, and filling pill planners are just a few of the services offered. 

Virtual Services can be provided for care coordination and medication management no matter where you live.

Check-in Phone Calls based on individual needs. Daily, once a week, once a month, or any other schedule that works best for you.

CALM can provide peace of mind knowing a competent and compassionate Registered Nurse will manage all of your or your loved one's healthcare needs!


Who can CALM help?

  • Are you a senior who has multiple physicians and medications?
  • Have you been recently discharged from the hospital and need help with continued aftercare?
  • Is your loved one experiencing early signs of dementia and needs a caring nurse to oversee healthcare needs and monitor progression? 
  • Are you a caregiver who needs support ensuring your loved ones are receiving the care they need?
  • Do you want to enjoy your time with your loved ones instead of trying to navigate all their medical needs?
  • Does your parent need medication assistance, but you live too far to assist or simply do not have the time?

For any situation, CALM with help you remain independent in the home you love!

The CALM Promise:

I will care for every client as I would my own family. Excellent care will be delivered with integrity, respect, and compassion ~ Owner Suzanne Lenhard RN, BSN